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Can\\\\\\\'t Afford University? PornHub Can Help (Really)

Can't Afford University? PornHub Can Help (Really)

The Debrief: The porn website really wants to help one lucky person get a degree

Been struggling to figure out how you’re going to afford university with the proposed tuition fee hike and grant cancelling the government have gone ahead with? Well, they say that heroes come from unlikely sources and in this instance, your saviour might just come in the form of your favourite erotic video streaming site PornHub.

The website, which boasts over 78 billion video views a year, has announced a scholarship fund of $25,000 to someone who strives to make others happy.

They say on their website:

‘It’s been said that how you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you. Pornhub very much takes this to heart in that we work hard to help make millions of people feel happy every single day. In turn, we would like to help support the recipient of the first annual Pornhub Cares Scholarship to realize their goal of doing the same. To mark the launch of Pornhub Cares, we are offering a $25,000 scholarship to one carefully selected recipient! Whether you are studying medicine, botany, paranormal psychology, or anything in between, application is open to all fields of study so long as you have a GPA of 3.2 or higher.’

To apply, you need to write 1,000-1,500 words on what you do to strive to make others happy. You also need to upload a two-five minute video of yourself to help the team ‘get to know you better’. In case you’re skeptical as to what this video should entail (this is a porn website after all), PornHub’s vice president stipulates that a pornographic video is ‘definitely not a requirement.’ 

He goes on to say, ‘The criteria isn’t to submit the best porn video and get a scholarship. I would be surprised if we had any pornographic entries.’ The entries will be judged on creativity, leadership abilities and ‘stand out examples of students that play it forward’.

Despite the prize fund being announced in dollars, there’s nowhere that says the entrant has to be attending a US-based college. In fact, the only criteria are that you’re currently enrolled in an ‘accredited post-secondary insitution’, are 18 or older, and you’re verifiable.

Erm, go for it?

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