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Can People Tell How Much You Earn Just By What You Tweet?

Can People Tell How Much You Earn Just By What You Tweet?

The Debrief: Plus, how to trick people on Twitter into thinking you're Moneybags McGee rather than Penniless Prudence

Can people tell how much you earn just by what you do on Twitter? Yes, according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania.

The study took a look at over 10 million posts (that’s a lot of posts, mate) from 5,191 public Twitter profiles to see whether job level affected how people Tweeted, and it turns out that people in the £30-40K and above bracket act differently on the social media site to those people who struggle to have two pennies to rub together at the end of the month.

Now this information is out there, though, you can definitely use it to your advantage: here’s how to get the people of the world to think you’re loaded just by what you do on Twitter.

Get more followers

People who earn over £44K have more followers – an average of 5410 to be exact. Obviously. Because we want to know how the hell they made that money. Also, rich people tend to have more interesting lives: Ssipping champers in the royal box,’ makes for a more interesting (and annoying) Tweet than, ‘Eating Pot Noodles in my pants.’

Retweet more

Users who made over £36K had a higher percentage of retweets amongst their Tweets than those who made less. Probably something to do with the fact that TIME IS MONEY and people who make money have less time to Tweet. Sure.

Get angry

As well as retweeting left, right and centre, users who earned over £36k were more likely ‘infer anger’ in their tweets. Proof, if anything, that more money = more problems as dictated by one Biggie Smalls.  Do some shouty, capital letter tweets to let the world know how bulging your wallet is. Say something about the state of the markets.

Get scared

Because angry people are often scared people. Those users earning over £41K showed more ‘fear’ in their tweets. Halloween is the perfect time to ease the concept of fear into your everyday tweets without anyone noticing.

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