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Butt Plug Sales Soar In Paris After The Butt Plug Tree Scandal

The Debrief: Who knew that a giant butt plug christmas tree would have such an effect on the French...

Remember the giant inflatable Christmas tree in Paris that looked like a butt plug, and everyone hated it so much they punctured and, ultimately, deflated it? Well, it seems to have had a real subconscious effect on the surrounding population as, since then, butt plug sales have soared. 

Originally erected (wayyyyo) in the Place Vendôme in France’s capital city, local Parisians have been rushing to the nearest sex shops to get their hands on the humble butt plug – or, should we say, le plug anal – since the tree was taken down after repeat vandalisms and a lot of smirking.

‘We used to sell around 50 a month,’ Richard Fhal, of Editions Concorde sex toy wholesalers, told The Local. ‘Since the controversy we’ve moved more than 1,000.’

He also noticed that while they used to be bought by mainly gay men, now there’s an even mix between straight women and men too – and the mainstream French media is reflecting this new craze. L’Express magazine recently ran a big piece on how to use butt plugs, and the varying products on the market (hint: there are loads). 

Perhaps the best thing, though, is that now the term ‘plug’ is back in common parlance among the French thanks to the global media ‘HAHA THAT LOOKS LIKE A BUTT PLUG’ headlines when the tree was put up. Richard said: ‘We were selling them as anal stimulators but now everyone in France knows the term ‘anal plug’.’ 

And so they should. Plug is a great word. 

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