Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Brothers Convince Little Sister There\'s Been A Zombie Apocalypse While She\'s High After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Brothers Convince Little Sister There's Been A Zombie Apocalypse While She's High After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

The Debrief: And she handled it really bloody well

If there’s one thing giving us life today it’s this viral video of brothers, Cabot, Hudson and Barrett Phillips pranking their little sister, Millicent Phillips after she had her wisdom teeth removed. After being pumped full of anesthesia following her operation, the brothers picked up her and managed to convince her that there had been a zombie apocalypse. Getting your wisdom teeth out is terrifying enough, but Milicent took this news like an absolute trooper, making all the best life saving decisions you need to make when death by zombies is on the cards. We’re slightly confused about why she didn’t pick the chocolate cake but anyway, it’s brilliant. Millicent, we love you. 



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