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Brooklyn-Based Man Breaks World Record For Longest Binge-TV Session

Brooklyn-Based Man Breaks World Record For Longest Binge-TV Session

The Debrief: Man defeats TV, wins Guinness World Record

Hands up if you’re guilty of spending at least 24-hours binge-watching Netflix on a lazy Sunday? Obviously with toilet breaks, brunch breaks and the occasional nap throw in for good measure. After Netflix starts judging you and asks ‘would you like to continue watching?’ (yes, the answer is always yes), you feel guilty and give up. Alejandro Fragoso, a 25-year-old Brooklynite, has set the Guinness World Records of all records. He spent a grand total of 94-hours in front of his TV. That’s five whole days, five people. 

Sponsored by CyberLink, he completed the tv marathon in his a Manhattan apartment. During his tv-binge, he was monitored by a doctor and the results showed that he suffered from an elevated heart rate and neurological side effects, including open-eyed micornaps and mild hallucinations. No lasting damage was done but who else is terrified of watching too much TV now? And not forgetting that study from the University of Toledo that found that out of 408 participants, 35% Netflix binge-watchers had higher stress levels, anxiety and depression. And that was just from watching TV for more than two hours a day without a break, Alejandro must have been feeling seriously low, poor guy. 

Alejandro spoke about the whole process: 'I leant that binge-watching TV for abnormally long durations can be quite physically taxing.' Now, we’re all for smashing out a season of Game of Thrones in a day, but we won’t be taking on any 92-hour stints anytime soon. 

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