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British Students In Twitter Outcry Over GCSE Biology Exam

British Students In Twitter Outcry Over GCSE Biology Exam

The Debrief: I mean who even needs biology anyways?

Every day as I go online, I’m reminded why I still pay for my WiFi connection, and today was no exception.

Students across Britain, complained, probably cried and then tweeted their confusion following the GCSE  AQA Biology exam yesterday. Yes it's GCSE time again, don't worry I feel incredibly old too. In short, pretty much nothing the students learned from their teachers or had studied over the past few gruelling weeks, appeared on the actual test. Not the mock exam... the real deal. Okay, so that’s not the slightest bit funny and if it were me I’d probably cry and then complain to my mum.

The funny part however is that those same students have taken to Twitter and blessed us with some golden tweets. Instead of a (somewhat) simple biology test, students claim to have been asked questions about rats, alcohol and underage drinking. So basically, not real biology at all. Alas, the tweets are hilar-i-ous and here are just a few of my faves:

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