Mollie Wintle | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Boy Exchanges Naked Photos Of Women Who Are Oddly Enough Not Him on Tinder For Pizza

Boy Exchanges Naked Photos Of Women Who Are Oddly Enough Not Him on Tinder For Pizza

The Debrief: Exchanging nude pics on Tinder for gluten-free pizza. Novel idea.

Ian Geatz, a sophomore at DePaul university, has been exchanging photos of naked women on Tinder for pizza. In the guise of 'Laura Lovelace', he's now successfully persuaded seven men to buy him pizza. 

'You’ve got to make it easy for them,' he told his student newspaper. 'Get them in and out. Cheese pizza, gluten free crust, that’s it.'

Geatz's method goes something like this: he creates a fake profile on Facebook for Tinder, has her join a class of DePaul group, and adds a bunch of DePaul students to make her look reputable. He uses real photos of a friend to depict a 'Pizza lover' with 'Daddy issues.'

So far, so gross. 

He then sends your basic bargaining message ('I’m here to get pizza in exchange for nudes,'), and requests the pizza for pick-up, refusing to give out the naked pictures before he goes to get it.

What we want to know, though, is where he gets these naked pictures from.

'I go on Tumblr and search ‘naked phone pictures.’  Then I find some that could pass for the girl and send those. A lot of them are ones where the camera is right in front of her face,' Geatz said.


Geatz is, depressingly, part of a growing phenomenon known as 'Tinder games', where food, à la the real hunger games, is the end goal. After chatting to prospective partners for a bit, the players then convince their target to deliver food to their house. The players are usually girls so, um, we guess Geatz is manipulating what's already an experiment in exploitation. That doesn't stop us wishing he'd keep his paws off pictures of naked women who, you know, didn't give their consent to be used as a bargaining chip.

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