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Blogger Brilliantly Recreates Met Gala Outfits And It\\\\\\\'s Everything

Blogger Brilliantly Recreates Met Gala Outfits And It's Everything

The Debrief: Better than the real outfits...

Everrrrrrrrrrryone is still talking at the Met Gala. Some of the outfits were erm questionable to say the least - but hey that’s what goes down at Met Gala land. It’s all very theatrical darlings, and a Brazilian blogger has taken this to the next level. 

Joao Paulo, from Salvador has gone V.I.R.A.L for his version of Met Gala dresses. Here’s a little look at some of our favourite recreations. 

I particularly like how he’s tried to recreate Nicki Minaj’s blonde streaks with loo roll

Oh Taylor Taylor Taylor…. 


Look: Vou ali dançar forró □□□□□□□□ @taylorswift | #igualquenemdojohn #metGala #Metgala2016

A photo posted by João Paulo (@johndrops) on May 2, 2016 at 4:54pm PDT

Rihanna didn't go to the MG but here they are, both are looking fierce

Who wore it best?

This is my personal favourite. I feel like Jaolo's really captured the texture of the dress.

I have no words. Just brilliant.

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