Debrief Staff | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Debrief Life Advice Reader Event Beta Rebecca Holman

Come Along To Our Debrief Life Advice Reader Event!

The Debrief: Join us at the Hoxton Hotel as editor Rebecca Holman discusses her new book BETA: Quiet Girls Can Rule The World with Deputy Editor Vicky Spratt

What does success look like? 5AM conference calls and late nights in the office? Winning every argument and always getting your own way? What does a successful woman look like? The shoulder-pad wearing Alpha? The dogmatist who rules with an iron fist?

The reality is far more nuanced, yet it is still assumed that women can only ever be the Alpha boss or the Beta assistant, and that there’s only one way to be a successful woman in the workplace.

In her new book BETA: Quiet Girls Can Rule The World, Debrief editor Rebecca Holman explores what it means to be a woman in the workplace in 2017. If can you thrive if you don’t fit within the very narrow idea of what a successful woman looks like? And how can you boss it at work and still stay true to who you are?

Join us at 7pm, 7 September 2017 at the Hoxton Hotel, Holborn for this exclusive Debrief reader event, where Rebecca and Debrief’s Deputy editor Vicky Spratt, will be discussing some of the themes in the book, from imposter syndrome and burnout to sexism in the workplace, and how they’ve dealt with these issues throughout their careers. They’ll also be addressing that perennial question, can you be truly successful in the workplace, without compromising your sense of self?

Tickets are £5 and must be purchased in advance (redeemable against the cost of a copy of BETA by Rebecca Holman, £18.99). They include a drink, and are available to buy here. 

BETA: Quiet Girls Can Rule The World (Coronet) is out from 24 August 2017, and is available to pre-order now