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Here\'s Why You Need To See The Latest Spoof Barbie Instagram Account, Barbie Saviour

Here's Why You Need To See The Latest Spoof Barbie Instagram Account, Barbie Saviour

The Debrief: It's funny, but it's also close to the bone...

You may remember the Socality Barbie Instagram account from last year; the page which ripped it out of clichéd hipsters with her classic flatlays and FWIS’ ('From Where I Stand', don’t you know). All set off with a pair of obligatory thick rimmed glasses, of course. 

Well hipster Barbie has gone cold on us recently (no post in 23 weeks, what you playing at?) but luckily another spoof Barbie instagram account has popped up. Everyone meet Barbie Savior: the girl (doll) solving the problems of the poverty striken globe one Instagram picture at a time. Current location: Africa.

Basically the account is one big piss take of the popularity of self-entitled individuals (probably during a 'gap yah') visiting a third world country to ‘do their bit', when actually, helping to build an orphanage could be doing more harm than good.

Clearly the account is pretty close to the bone, but that's the point and it's trying to convey a message: it's highlighting the selfish side of acts like this, and the dark side to white saviour complex. And it's funny because we all know that person. 

Here’s a few of our favourites:







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