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Avocado! Face Palm! Here Are The New Emojis Coming Next Year

Avocado! Face Palm! Here Are The New Emojis Coming Next Year

The Debrief: Yep there's avocado. Yep there's bacon. Yes there's a facepalm. Check out the new emojis...

Guys, hold on to your emoji hat because you're going to be able to express your emotions via the avocado and bacon emoji as of next year – as well as loads of others that are coming to an emoji keyboard near you. Pretty exciting news until you realise that cheese STILL doesn't feature on the list. I mean what are they playing at? Why are the emoji gods teasing us in this way? Yeah, it's cool that we can now face palm, but what if I wanted to face palm in some cheese? 

Anyway, here are the emojis set to arrive in 2016 (sadly no actual image previews yet, so going to have to communicate these in words) 

1. Left-facing fist

2. Right-facing fist

3. Handshake

4. Fingers crossed

5. Pregnant woman

6. Facepalm

7. Shrug

8. Man dancing

9. Prince

10. Man in tux

11. Mother Christmas

12. Wilted rose

13. Scooter

14. Motor scooter

15. Octagonal sign

16. Clinking champagne glasses

17. Black heart

18. Croissant

19. Avocado

20. Cucumber

21. Bacon

22. Potato

23. Carrot

24. Fox face

25. Eagle

26. Duck

27. Bat

28. Shark

29. Owl

So now you can finally discuss that time a pregnant woman wearing a fox face ate a plate of duck, bacon, potato, carrot and avocado while on a scooter before celebrating with champagne glasses while a man in a tuxedo did a dance in front of a shark atop a bat atop an owl. Then Mother Christmas punched a prince, facepalmed, and tossed their wilted roses into an octagonal sign after giving a big old shrug. 

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