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Australian Cats Are Wearing Scrunchies And They Look So Good It Hurts

Australian Cats Are Wearing Scrunchies And They Look So Good It Hurts

The Debrief: Also, they're no longer murdering endangered bird species. Score

Australian cats are so hot right now. As of late, felines from down under have been eschewing their traditional leather or fabric collars and are instead preferring to rifle through your nostalgia box and adorn their neck with your hair accessory from the late 90s; the scrunchie.

Not only do these fashionable cats look spectacular; the scrunchies give the cat a regal, almost Tudor-esque look, the scrunchies are preventing the cats from killing endangered species. DOUBLE BONUS. PhD Student Catherine Hall has spent the last two years studying the behaviour of 114 cats (someone won the best job in the world lottery) and found that wearing scrunchies reduced cats’ ability to kill wildlife by half.

While your cat going on a murdery spress in the UK might not matter so much (Gandalf averages about three mice/birds/rabbits a week ATM, so proud), in Australia cats are seriously damaging to the food chain. So far the furry friends have managed to help make extinct the ‘paradise parrot’ and nearly make extinct the suggestively named ‘night parrot’.

How it works is a bit of a no brainer; apparently the bright colours of the scrunchies are super effective at warning potential prey of a threat.

Anyways; here’s some cats from Australia and all over the world looking majestic in scrunchies because that’s all you really came here for isn’t it?

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