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Are Your WhatsApp Group Chats Actually Encrypted? There\'s A Way To Find Out

Are Your WhatsApp Group Chats Actually Encrypted? There's A Way To Find Out

The Debrief: Are the government still reading your messages?

In April 2016, every single person with the messenger chat app, WhatsApp received a little message from the company that read: ‘Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption.’ This was all so the government and even the employees of WhatsApp wouldn’t be able to see your private conversations. 

Well, it turns out our messages aren’t so secret from the big ol’ government after all. If your friends haven’t updated the app, then you’re group chats about that 2016 holiday to Barca isn’t secret at all. 

Don't panic though, if  you want to check out if your chats are encrypted, theres a sneaky hack. If they arent encrypted then tell all your friends, tell them immediately. 

Go onto ‘Group info' in WhatsApp

You can just click on your group chat name at the top of your conversation to see it. 

Click ‘Encryption' at the bottom

As easy as pie, right? 

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