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Strawberries Crossed With Bubblegum and Pineapple Are Here And They Look A Bit Gross

Strawberries Crossed With Bubblegum and Pineapple Are Here And They Look A Bit Gross

The Debrief: If you have trypophobia, look away

Oh wow. So, strawberries that taste like pineapples and bubblegum are legit a thing. It’s weird but wonderful and, if we weren’t so poor we would book a flight to Australia so we could try it. Unfortunately, 'pineberries' and 'bubbleberries' are only available in Australia – for the time being anyway. 

Imported to Aus by United Nurseries (an Australian wholesale nurseries that provide a wide range of quality seedlings and potted plants, apparently) these hybrid fruits are set to launch within the next few weeks after five years of deliberation and planning. 

United Nurseries say the fruits still taste like strawberries but have 'unique' flavours of pineapple and bubblegum. A strawberry with a citrus pineapple or sugary bubblegum taste does sound intriguing, but hands up if you’re also a little concerned at the concept of frankenstein fruits.

They look kindaaaa creepy, someone from Team Debrief described it as having ‘deep seeded pores like a spotty face.’ Gross, right? If you have trypophobia then maybe don’t look at the pictures for too long. 

So, will we be getting these non-genetically modified hybrid fruits anytime soon? Well, according to The Guardian, Waitrose sold them back in 2010 and called them 'unripe strawberries.' So we're getting conflicted informaton. Are they the future of fruit? Who knows. For now we just can’t stop looking at the holes because we secretly have (not so secret anymore) trypophobia. 

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