Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Are Cat Lovers Kinkier Than Dog People?

Are Cat Lovers Really Into Kinkier Stuff?

The Debrief: According to a study, cat lovers could have a tendency to be more into BDSM. You saucy minxes you.

Cat person? Course you are you naughty young lady.

A study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Science reckons your cats might be behind your kinky ways.

This is all because of a really sexy sounding thing called 'toxoplasma gondii' which is a parasite that lives on cats.

Tests done on mice and rats infected with the parasite have noted that when they were exposed to cats, not only were their fear circuits activated, their sex-related circuits were too. This led the scientists behind the new study to wonder if 'sexual arousal by fear, violence and danger related stimuli' is more common in humans infected with toxoplasma.

After studying 36,564 people, they decided that yep, 'infected subjects (again, so sexy) are often aroused by their own fear, danger and sexual submission'. People with toxoplasma could have a 'higher attraction to bondage, violence annd, in men, to masochism and raping.'


Stay away from your cats?

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