Lauren Smith | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Apple Could Be Making Big Changes To The iPhone And Getting Rid Of Headphones

Apple Could Be Making Big Changes To The iPhone And Getting Rid Of Headphones

The Debrief: Way to piss a load of people off, Apple

Let’s be clear – the headphones Apple supplies with its iPhone are not comfy. They are small, hard and feel like little sharp acorns are rupturing your eardrum after a matter of minutes. But they’re free, godammit and, if you aren’t looking to spend an extortionate amount on wanky looking headphones, are fine for day-to-day use.

So the rumours that Apple could be ditching said headphones by getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, have naturally pissed a few people off. It also means if you did splash out on wanky headphones and want the latest iPhone, they’ll become obselete next year. 

The Telegraph is reporting that Japanese blog Macotakara has hinted that Apple want to make the next iPhone thinner – and so will ditch the 3.5 mm headphone port to shave off 1mm from the current model.

Headphones will then connect to your phone via Bluetooth (annoying) or through a lightning connector (the USB connection port which was introduced when the iPhone 5 came out). Apple will then sell lightning-compatible ear pods with the iPhone 7 when it arrives in 2016, and non-Apple companies will have to create new leads or adaptors for Apple phones. 

If that all sounds like a huge annoying faff for a tiny reduction in size, well it is. But it’s all just a rumour at this stage, and Apple is so big at this point, that external companies will probably just start making new kinds of headphones. 

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