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Apparently The #iphoneknees Challenge Is Now A Thing, And We Have Some Questions

Apparently The #iphoneknees Challenge Is Now A Thing, And We Have Some Questions

The Debrief: We *really* hope this is an overblown April Fools joke, but...

Remember the #A4waist challenge that swamped social media a few weeks back? Yeh, that happened IRL. Thousands of women from China took to Twitter or Instagram to share images of themselves holding pieces of A4 paper against their waists to show just how skinny they were. If that sounds disconcerting, unrealistic and kind of gross, that's because it is. 

Well, now there’s a new beauty challenge (we think). The#iPhoneknee challenge is essentially the same as #A4waist challenge but instead of paper, women in China are holding their mobile phones against their knees and sharing the pictures on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. 

We’ve been unable to access Sina Weibo to actually see these tweets with our own eyes, so we’re half hoping this is a ridiculous April Fools joke, buy worryingly, we suspect it might actually be a thing.

And even if it is a joke, there's no doubt that this constant battle to appear as thin as possible on social media is getting way out of hand. And obviously, just like the #A4wait challenge we had to give it a go, but instead of an iPhone 6 plus, we used an ipad. Because are knees are really not that small. Anyone else with us? Cool. 

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