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Apparently Men Are Better At Guessing The Ending To TV Shows Than Women. We Call Bullshit On This

Apparently Men Are Better At Guessing The Ending To TV Shows Than Women. We Call Bullshit On This

The Debrief: I mean I pretty much guessed the whole of Prison Break, but whatever

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more sexist you read that men are apparently better than women, at guessing the endings of crime dramas and detective TV shows. Like, come on… really?!

Leading Psychologist Dr David Lewis who is heads up the study, explains that while men remain ‘detached’ watching a detective television series, women are generally more focused on the emotions within the story and the characters involved. My thoughts on this? If you’re invested in a TV series, like reaaaaally invested then you’re also emotionally invested and that goes for both men and women.

Dr Lewis suggests that males are better at spotting the ‘underlying truths’, and pick up on the hints given in television dramas, that a woman may miss. He told the Daily Mail, ‘'A man is much more likely to look at that and say “ah ha!” A woman, because she is focused on the emotions, is less likely to spot these things designed to give you a hint.’ Although I’m finding this one a little hard to understand and it does sound like a lot of sexist hoopla.

As a binge TV viewer, I’m calling bullshit on this statement. Pop on an episode of CSI or Law & Order and I bet you I’ll know who the murderer is before the men watching beside me.

Research is still yet to be carried out to determine the divide between 'gender responses' and detective television series, Dr Lewis claims that men better enjoy the violence in TV series whereas women tend to be more sensitive to violence, meaning that it’s another factor making women ‘miss the hints’. Bullshit. I definitely sat through Kick-Ass with a smile on my face the entire time. 

The study basically suggests that women are too emotional to understand what’s going on and then guess the TV show because 1. They’re too emotional and 2. They don’t like violence?


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