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An Airline Are Going To Have Child-Free Zones And It Has Divided The Internet

An Airline Are Going To Have Child-Free Zones And It Has Divided The Internet

The Debrief: We're not saying it should go ahead, but if the option was there, we know what we'd choose...

Don’t lie, children are cute and all but every time you get on a flight I know you pray that there isn’t one sat near you. It can seem like putting children in a plane is like putting a wasp in a very large tin can and shaking it, they can just go a bit… mad. 

Of course, I can only speak from experience, but it seems like at least once a year I’m welcomed to my holiday destination by a melody of toddler screams or backache from what I’m assuming is a vigorous aerobic routine going on behind my seat. Before you say it, yes, the odds are that I have been seated near children who were so well-behaved I just haven’t noticed they’re there, but there’s no denying that sometimes a bad flight leaves you feeling (and looking) like the girl from The Ring.  

I seem to be joining many people with strong opinions on the presence of children on planes, so it’s no surprise that when Indian airline IndiGo announced plans for child-free zones on flights, twitter was a hotbed of opinion.

Some were all for the ‘quiet zones’:

While others seem like they’d rather ban intolerant adults: 

Looks like I'll be keeping my opinion to myself on this one, now that mums know how to use Twitter. 
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