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Always Late? It\\\'s Probably Because You\\\'re Too Damn Optimistic

Always Late? It's Probably Because You're Too Damn Optimistic

The Debrief: Every cloud...

My mornings tend to take pretty much the same path which can be summarised in the following sentence: leaving myself plenty of time but managing to be about 5 minutes late. Every. Single. Time. 

Because, you know, I thought I'd have enough time to go for a run (lol, as if, this is obviously hypothetical), wash my hair and Facebook stalk my ex (this isn't so hypothetical) and it turns out I didn't. 

Being late is the story of my life and I'm not proud of it. But I'm not talking leaving people waiting for two hours because my company is something that simply deserves to be waited for (it is though, FYI), this is the 10-minute-because-shit-I-didn't-realise-that-would-take-me-so-long kinda late. Sound familiar?

Well it turns out, being a 'late person' doesn't mean you're lazy or disorganised or disrespectful of other people's times. Nope. Diana DeLonzor, author of Never Be Late Again, actually describes most late people as being 'optimistic and unrealistic', because they think they can fit more into a certain amount of time than they actually can. Another thing is that if you are chronically late, some theories are that you're actually hardwired to be this way in the lobes of your brain, so it's a part of who you are - which technically means that there ain't nothing you can do about it.

Diana has identified seven different types of late people, although most late people are probably a mixture of all of them. The most common are 'The Deadliners'. These people are 'subconsciously drawn to the adrenaline rush of that last minute sprint to the finish line… They have a hard time motivating themselves without that looming deadline.' Sound like you? It's totally me; at Uni, even if I knew about a deadline about 2 years in advance, I was still working on it the night before. Starting it before seemed almost pointless, because I knew eventually I'd have no choice but to get it done. Another category is 'The Producer; These are people who consistently over-schedule their days.' See? Just so bloody optimistic. Sue us.

In short, people who are late are the best in every kind of way and I am just so glad we've finally sorted that out.

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