Esther Baines | Contributing Writer | Friday, 6 May 2016

Alligators Can Ring Doorbells Now

Alligators Can Ring Doorbells Now

The Debrief: Very Polite

On Monday an alligator was spotted trying to ring the doorbell of a South Carolina home- a video shows it walking calmly up to the door, getting on it’s hind legs and jumping to reach the bell. Does he want to borrow sugar? Use their pool? Look at his tiny arms.

This isn’t the first instance of this happening- the video also shows an alligator seeming to patiently wait outside a garden gate. Yay for animals doing human things! 

Apparently alligators can climb trees too- are they all conspiring against us, lurking up trees and outside our doors waiting to attack us?

Maybe soon they’ll be getting on planes, dressed in a trench coat and a fedora for disguise, integrating themselves into society before a full blown alligator/human war. 

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