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A Two Year Old Girl Stole $5000 So She Could Buy Zayn Malik

A Two Year Old Girl Stole $5000 So She Could Buy Zayn Malik

The Debrief: And the award to the biggest Zayn Malik fan goes to....

At two years old we were busily concentrating on walking and trying not to poo ourselves. However, this toddler from Washington has different priorities it seems, as she casually stole $5000 from her dad's safe, stuffed it into her lunchbox before attempting to take it to nursery.

But why on earth would a two year old girl want $5000 dollars?




 She replied ‘I want Zayn! I want to buy Zayn!’ in a video shot by her auntie Haya. 

Me too hun, but sadly buying people is frowned upon and very illegal. 


The ex- One Directioner found the whole thing amusing as he tweeted back 



Her auntie told the Metro that the girl is a huge fan of Zayn Malik and was never fussed about the rest of the band. 

You can't blame a girl for trying, eh?


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