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A Restaurant In China Scans Faces Of Potential Diners And Lets Beautiful People Eat For Free

The Debrief: Not deemed attractive by a panel of judges? Sorry, you'll have to pay for your food

Oh the things people do for publicity. Like opening a restaurant where a customer's face is scanned to determine if he or she is attractive enough to get their meal on the house. In Zhengzhou, China, Jeju Island uses a face scanner to judge appearances of guests before they're seated, which is then fed through to a panel of cosmetic surgeon judges who deliberate whether or not you deserve to eat for free, reports 


Why? Some sponsorship deal the Korean restaurant got with a cosmetic surgery company, of course, but it's heartening that local authorities are about as impressed with the idea as we are. The 'Free meal for goodlooking' sign pissed them off so much that the local government had it removed - but sadly the promotion is going to continue as usual, in all its elitist, offensive glory. Because traditionally unattractive people don't deserve food. 

If anyone's up for free grub in Zhengzhou, rumour has it that the judging panel have a penchant for protruding foreheads - perfect for anyone who happens to be a vampire from popular 90s American show Buffy. 

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