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A McDonald\\\'s In America Is Piloting ALL YOU CAN EAT FRIES

A McDonald's In America Is Piloting ALL YOU CAN EAT FRIES

The Debrief: Nothing says 'Happy Meal' like limitless gorging

Ah America; land of the free, home of the brave and navigational minefield of potentially life-threatening health risk. I’m speaking, namely, of their obsession with the super-sized takeaway. 

Admittedly, McDonald’s has always been one of life’s little indulgences, reserved for hungover Sunday breakfasts or pit-stop peps on long, arduous car journeys. But for a lot of Americans, it seems like a core component of their diets: the nations favourite food group, if you will. Now franchise owners in Missouri have seriously upped their game with plans to build a new 6,500 sq.- foot restaurant, as reported in St Joseph’s News Press.

The new build and car park in expected to cost in excess of one and a half MILLION dollars, and feature all the bang-up-to-date amenities customers have grown to expect. Over the past few years, Maccy D’s around the world have already started offering us beer, premium burgers and all day breakfasts. But this new Super McDonalds Of The Future is in a league of its own. 

New facilities, which will feature here for the first time, include Create-Your-Taste Burgers and Dessert kiosks, table service and – wait for it – all you can eat chips. If the pilot shceme at the new restaurant is successful, it could be rolled out in stores across America, and then the rest of the world. Franchise owner Chris Habinger has picked up on the fact that ‘today’s customers seek a comfortable and inviting atmosphere,’ and has designed the space accordingly, focusing on ‘providing a modern look and feel to this restaurant.’ The model for this hyper-progressive branch comes after the 2006 revamp of McDonalds chains worldwide.

With the increasingly widespread introduction of alcohol in some places (not here just yet, boo) and a short-lived replacement of happy meal toys with books earlier this year, there’s been speculation that the super-chain is moving away from its family-focused roots. But Habinger has spared the impending birthday parties of 6-year-old Missourians by confirming that family fun is still very much at the core of his new venture. Just not the kind of family fun we remember from our own childhoods, by the sounds of it. 

‘We’ve packed a number of new and innovative features into out play place,’ he promises, before going on to outline interactive light board tables, tabletop video games (with different gaming options), and digital play. 

It seems like as the fast food of the future catapults into the 21st century and beyond, so too do some of the core staples of childhoods everywhere. 

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