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A Girl Called Zola Has Written The Most Compelling Story You\\\\\\\'ll Ever Read On Twitter Ever

A Girl Called Zola Has Written The Most Compelling Story You'll Ever Read On Twitter Ever

The Debrief: Get ready for the wildest ride of your life.

Twitter's not exactly the place you think of when it comes to great writing and yet, a girl called Zola has just penned the first great American short story of the digital age. Someone's named it 'A Wild Weekend in Florida' or 'Jarrett and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Florida Trip' and it's well worth the twenty or so consecutive minutes you'll take to read it. 

The story follows Zola, who is a stripper, as she makes the decision to follow a fellow stripper down to Florida for a few days to make a bit of cash. The only trouble is, Jessica, the other stripper, turns out to also be a prostitute with a bipolar boyfriend and a cantankerous pimp who she's brought along for the ride.

Things go from bad to worse to very, very bad in the space of a few hours and the ensuing story has everything from suicide attempts to suggested murder to kidnapping. It makes for a wild old ride. You can read the whole thing here or below - because nothing you were meant to do this afternoon is more important than reading Zola's story - whether it's true or not. And the jury's still out on that one. What happens in the story isn't funny IRL, and it certainly is more than a little worrying for the individuals involved but the way Zola writes it? Worth a Booker nod at least.


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