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A Day In The Life: Beth Evans Illustrator and Comic Book Maker

A Day In The Life Of Illustrator and Comic Book Maker, Beth Evans

The Debrief: We take a sneak peek into the daily life of our current favourite illustrator, Beth Evans

We’re a teeny bit obsessed with illustrator and comic book maker Beth Evans at the moment. Take a scroll down our Instagram and you’ll see a few pieces of her work, but trust us when we say you need to go check out her own personal feed. We decided to take a peak into the daily ins and outs of this honest and hilarious illustrator.

Here’s Beth’s day in the life. 

When I first wake up it’s all emails emails emails, then I start drawing and post my first comic of the day. I basically started posting pictures online because it was fun to do, then someone asked me if I had ever considered making my own comics. The the rest is history! 

Beth Evans Illustrations
Beth Evans Illustrations 

My work station is where I do the majority of my work, but I also carry a notebook with me throughout the day just incase. I wasn’t always into art, I actually took all the non-art based subjects at college but then one day I decided I liked it. I took my portfolio to National Portfolio Day and spoke to the free admissions counselors – it was so beneficial. 

This is a peek inside the daily comics I made.I usually just sit down and jump right into it without making any sketches. So many of them are focused on mental health and emotions, it’s great knowing  I can help people even if I’ve never met them before. Knowing even one person might benefit from my drawings is so rewarding. 

Beth Evans Illustration
Beth Evans Illustration 

I do a lot of custom portraits and pictures for customers. These can be more complex, so I normally do rough drafts first. I love doing these because they’re so different from the daily comics. The workload can be heavy, but to clear my head I make lists, listen to playlists or go on bike rides to help me figure out what to do next. 

Beth Evans Illustrations
Beth Evans Illustrations 

I do all the printing and assembling of the comic books myself, but I really enjoy the whole process. I think knowing I can express my emotions, feelings, hope and failures in a safe space is really motivating. There’s always someone there to say: ‘hey I know how this feels,’ that keeps me going. 

During my free time when I’m stuck on a comic, drawing or simply need a break hopping on my bike or going for a run really helps. I love seeing what’s going on in my neighborhood during all seasons. If I had to give anyone advice on taking up a career in illustrations it would be draw things because you want to, because they bring you joy, relief or happiness. Any emotion is good. There will be so many people along the way saying you're doing everything completely wrong, but sticking with who you are is the most rewarding thing you can do. 

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