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A Calgary Pilot Saved 40 Animals From Fort McMurray Wildfire And We Have Faith In The World Again

A Calgary Pilot Saved 40 Animals From Fort McMurray Wildfire And We Have Faith In The World Again

The Debrief: Happy hump day y'all

Are you having a bad hump day? Getting fed up at the rain and all that’s wrong in the world? Good. Well, not good because that does suck, but good because now we get to bring some joy into your life. 

If you didn’t already know, there’s some seriously bad bush fires going on in Fort McMurray, Canada. People have been evacuated and things are currently not looking good (still not onto the good news BTW) with over 80,000 residents being told to leave their homes, and pets. 

That didn’t stop one pilot from saving the day, though. In a big, big way. The pilot on question, Keith Mann from Calgary, broke all the rules (badass) to pick up 40 animals from an animal rescue centre. Yes,this happened. Good people do exists. 

Mann has been flying around 6, 000 people to Calgary and Edmonton, away from the wildfire, and only a few animals were normally allowed on the plane per trip but the policy didn’t make sense to him. Bravo, Mann, you break that mould. Instead, he decided to load up the plane and let the animals roam free with the people. 'Everyone wanted to get out, so it didn’t matter,' Mann said about the situation. 'It was pretty quiet when we were up in the air, you could just tell everyone was so happy to be out of camp and on their way.' 

They stored dogs in the bathroom to stop them from getting to the rabbits and chinchillas, and even saved hedgehogs. That’s it, we’re taking the rest of the day off to come to terms with this massive act of kindness. Keith man, come save us and our pets any day mate. 

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