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A New Snake Species Has Been Discovered In The Bahamas And It\'s Really Beautiful

A New Snake Species Has Been Discovered In The Bahamas And It's Really Beautiful

The Debrief: Meet the Boa Constrictor that’s making hiss-tory

Snakes get a bad rap. From The Jungle Book to Snakes On A Plane, humans are notorious for demonizing these beautiful creatures. If you’re in the snake-hate club too, then maybe this new discovery by Harvard-led researchers will change your mind. 

Scientists on a research trip in the Bahamas have discovered a new species of Boa Constrictor. 

Chilabothrus argentum, or the Silver Boa, is around a metre long and was first discovered last October on the Conception Island Bank. The name of the snake is based on its silvery colouring and the fact that it was first found slithering up a silver palm tree. 

Robert Henderson, a boa constrictor expert, told the Guardian ‘worldwide, new species of frogs and lizards are being discovered and described with some regularity. New species of snakes, however, are much rarer.’ Despite only being discovered month ago, the Silver Boa is considered as critically endangered as there thought to be under 1000 of the animals in existence. 

Unlike other snakes in the area, the boa lives in trees, feeds off birds and is under threat from the feral cats that inhabit the island as well as humans looking to poach them to sell as pets. 

Picture courtesy of The University of North Carolina Asheville 

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