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7 Products To Help You Have An Eco-Friendly Period

7 Products To Help You Have An Eco-Friendly Period

The Debrief: Make the red wave green.

Between the cardboard packaging, plastic applicators and chemicals in tampons, periods can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Supposedly the average female goes through 11,000 sanitary items in her lifetime that then pile up in a landfill and clog sewers, which is is enough to give you a PMT-style headache. However, it is possible to make your monthly cycle run green with the introduction eco-friendly period products, like organic or cloth pads, menstrual cups, sea-sponge tampons or padded panties. Though there may be a little more immediate mess, your period will mess less with the planet and allow you to do away with all the toxic and belches secretly hiding in run-of-the-mill menstrual aids. While you think of how much you save in the long run, here’s where to get the goods:

1. Overnight Insert Booster Pack, £11.25, Lunapads, Ecomenstrual 

2. Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads Box of 10, £3.69, Organyc, Pravera 

3. Reusable Pantyliners, £23.25, Gladrags, iHerb 

4. Model A Menstrual Cup, £19.10, Mooncup 

5. Hiphuggers, £26.21, Thinx 

6. Biodegradable Pads, £2.25, Natracare, Earth Wise Girls 

7. Sea Pearls Natural Sea Sponge Tampons Large, £24.99, Jade & Pearl, Amazon


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