Esther Baines | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 28 April 2016

 Then vs. Meow: Cats And Technology

6 Ways Technology Has Totally Messed With Cat's Lives

The Debrief: Then vs. Meow: Digital advances have changed more than just human’s lives

Since technological advances began, there’s been much debate about whether the effects are positive or negative. If you ever wondered how these advances have affected our feline friends, these pictures from Bored Panda will shed some much needed light:

1. Prime napping location area space significantly reduced:



2. Flatter, more comfortable spaces to relax and warm up:

3. The population of mice are clearly happy about the changes:


4. The fishing experience is a lot drier and less rewarding:

5. More options for kitty pastimes:

6. And meeting other cats has never been easier:

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