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5 Weird Ways To Stay Cool When It\'s So Hot You Might Melt

5 Weird Ways To Stay Cool When It's So Hot You Might Melt

The Debrief: Because apparently it’s, like, really hot today

Heatwave, shmeatwave. We've had enough of all the 'drink lots of water' and 'wear loose, comfortable clothing' kinda advice. Who doesn't know that already? And beside sticking your head in the fridge or walking to work to avoid the melting pot that was public transport this morning, we figured there must be some better/more inventive ways to stay cool as a cucumber. So, we’ve taken inspo from the animal kingdom, geeky Dads and sunnier climes to bring you the five weirdest ways to stay cool when nothing else is working and you think you might have to sleep at work to avoid that dreaded journey home in 35-degree heat this evening. YUK.


Who does it: Monkeys! As soon as Chris Evans started talking about this amazing body hack this morning people all over the UK could be seen licking their wrists to see if it worked. And… it totally does. Careful who's watching when you try this one though.

Why we think it's cool as ice: The wonders of the animal kingdom are limitless, hey? Which brings us nicely on to…


Who does it: Storks, in this instance. They crap on their legs to cool themselves down. (We’re not recommending you do this, for obvious reasons….)

Why we think it's cool as ice: It’s resourceful, that’s for sure. Don’t think we’ll be following suit any time soon though.

Solar powered fan hats

Who does it: Everyone  knows someone whose Dad who owns one of these and thinks it’s really funny to put it on, on holiday while possibly doing the limbo at the same time. Who’s laughing now though?!

Why we think it's cool as ice: Well it’s solar-powered, for starters. Plus, they’re like really retro, right? 

Cooling vests 

Who does it: Apparently these are for people who work in hot countries. We quite fancy one for ourselves today though.

Why we think it's cool as ice: Maybe not that stylish, but TBH, we don’t really care what we look like as long as it makes the journey home from work today marginally less of a sweaty hell.

Eat to sweat it out 

Who does it: All across Asia (where they deal with heat like this e’rday, so we should probably stop complaining) you’ll find people eating hot food but it serves a purpose; eating hot food makes you sweat without heating up your body temperature. 

Why we think it's cool as ice: Any excuse for a mid-week pan-Asian lunch. It is hump day after all. 

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