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Crufts Highlights AKA Stop What You\\\\\\\'re Doing And Look At Great Dogs

17 Times Crufts 2016 Was Off The Chain

The Debrief: Crufts is over, so we've collected the best pictures of dogs to get your through the mid-afternoon slump.

Sometimes you need to have a break, get a cup of coffee, and stare at some really excellent dogs for a bit. It even has genuine emotional benefits: according to recent studies at Hiroshima University, looking at pictures of puppies and kittens helped people perform their tasks 44% better. And some of the dogs who slayed at Crufts this year (Yes, you can 'slay at Crufts') are really young and small like puppies - so, if anything, you're increasing your productivity by checking out these fluffy highlights. Or dogs. 

1. A dog that looks like it appeared in your dreams and is made of clouds

2. A dog that is really bloody having a go

3. A stressed out dog that needs a bit of comfort, A.A. Milne-style 

4. Two beagles having some downtime

5. Because you're worth it (this dog 100% can't see anything)

 6. Some total lads about to tear up NEC Birmingham amiright

7. A dog in a snood. A snooded dog. A snog. A dood. 

8. A dog that has had enough of your shit

9. A shy dog that didn't choose this bib, and feels it is false advertising

10. Here come the girls

11. Pat Butcher with a dog 

12. A dog that's just really happy to be out of the house

13. A dog thinking life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

14. A dog, or maybe a drawing somebody did with black felt tip pen. Unclear. 

15. A dog who doesn't understand why he still isn't a member of the House of Lords 

16. Some doge dogs

17. A dog that may look fabulous, sure, but is royally fucked off with her people

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