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10-Year-Old Hacks Instagram So Facebook Gave Him 10k. Wins At Life

10-Year-Old Hacks Instagram So Facebook Gave Him 10k. Wins At Life

The Debrief: Prepare to have your heart warmed

Feeling the mid-week slump? In need of some joyful news to make your heart sing and your ovaries hurt from cuteness? Even if you’re not, tough luck, cause you’re gonna get your daily dose of heart warming news riiiiiight about now. 

A 10-year-old named Jani has become the world’s youngest internet hacker, for a good reason. Jani, from Helsinki, discovered one massive flaw on everyones favourite image sharing social platform, Instagram. Yes, you heard right, a 10-year-old is cleverer than us all combined. 

He told Finnish publication, Lltalehti that he could delete any comment another user wrote on Instagram, and even boasted that he could delete whatever Justin Bieber posted. Is anyone else slightly concerned that this kid has been deleting all of Justin’s love posts to Selena these past few months in secret? No…just me. Jani demonstrated his mad skills by deleting a comment Instagram made on a test account. 

Mark Zuckerberg was so impressed by this little guy that he received $10, 000 from Facebook for spotting the bug. Apparently he’s going to use his hard-earned money to buy a new bike, football gear and new computers for his brothers. If you’re not crying right now, you’re dead inside. He even knocked a 13-year-old off the Facebook hacking charts to become the youngest ever recipient of Facebook’s bug bounty program, which has awarded over $4.3 million to more than 800 researchers since it’s launch in 2011. IS YOUR HEART SINGING? Ours is.

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