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Will Chelsea Clinton\'s Book Stave Off Questions About Her Political Ambitions?

Will Chelsea Clinton's Book Stave Off Questions About Her Political Ambitions?

The Debrief: Chelsea’s book, It’s Your World, is there to encourage young leaders to make a difference

Chelsea Clinton, perhaps a bit fatigued by all the questions over whether she will one day follow in her parents' footsteps in a bid to become president, has put the pressure onto young people to make a change.

To do this, she’s written a book, It’s Your World. It’s not political in the sense of taking a position’ Chelsea told The Telegraph, ‘But it certainly engages with questions which are determined by people who hold political office – not only in this country, but around the world.’

‘And I certainly encourage young leaders to think about who is in politics; to think about how those who old office reflect the issues you care about.’

Those issues? Voter registration and international issues – the sorts of things we can all get behind, without Chelsea running the risk of irking any of the Republicans – including the lovely Donald Trump – by speaking out about controversial issues. Plus, keeping vanilla on political hot potatoes means she's less likely to harm her mother Hillary’s prospects of becoming president.

As for Chelsea's family, she talks about how her growing up changed her perspective because she was encouraged to listen to the radio, read the paper and have opinions. But it’s not just about her and her upbringing, because at the end of each chapter, there’s a call to action for young people under the heading ‘Get Going’. They include stuff like: ‘Tell at least three friends about the importance of vaccinations and hand washing’

When asked if she’d follow in the footsteps of her father to become President, she responded: ‘I’ve been asked that every day of my life. I remember when my Dad was campaigning to be governor of Arkansas, and I was asked by a lady if I wanted to be governor. I think I replied something like: ‘Well, I’m only three.”’

No pressure, then.

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