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We All Know Which Harry Potter Character Theresa May Would Be

We All Know Which Harry Potter Character Theresa May Would Be

The Debrief: I wonder how she feels about cats and the colour pink

If there’s any part of the general election process that can be relied upon to be somewhat entertaining (which, to be fair, is quite a stretch considering this is probably the most boring of all boring elections), is when politicians dutifully visit schools and chat to children for the cameras. 

It’s one of those very few opportunities to see people like Theresa May, who otherwise operates on a very strict, choreographed press appearance schedule, think on their feet. Because let’s be honest, you never really know what kids are going to say which makes for editorial gold. Normally. 

Earlier this week the Prime Minister visited Nishkam Primary School in Birmingham and while speaking to the pupils there, the conversation landed on the Harry Potter books. ‘Great!’, you must be thinking. ‘I love the Harry Potter books. This is an easy topic of discussion. What a great opportunity for Theresa May to humanise herself to adults and children alike, attempt to be #relatable, perhaps make a joke or two and engage in some light-hearted chit chat about a franchise we all hold so dear’.  

‘I’ve read them all. They are all very good’, Theresa May told the pupils. But sadly, that’s as far as the conversation went.

She was later asked by The Telegraph which Harry Potter character she was most like, to which she replied: ‘I’m not similar to any of them’. Erm….


Come on now Prime Minister. There’s a time to be strong, stable and boring, and conversation about Harry Potter is not one of those times. I'll level with you. My first thought was that she can't possibly have read all the books. There is no way that you can get through all seven instalments of JK Rowling's mastery and not be able to name a single character you like, identify with or remotely resemble. Hell, Theresa could've just said HP himself and said that she thinks she's brave and stubborn too. But no, no character was named and I almost called bullshit. That's not the response of a true Harry Potter fan. 

But then, in not responding to the question, the Tory party leader did pave the way for another Twitter meme storm in response to the fact that, lol, she's blatantly Dolores Umbridge. 


Queen of the Twitter waves, JK Rowling, hasn't weighed in on who Theresa May most resembles yet, but considering how brilliant (read: accurate) her comparison between Donald Trump and Voldemort was, here's hoping she confirms (or corrects) our suspicions soon because is probably as exciting as the next few weeks are going to get.

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