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Thousands Of People Protest Against Brexit Outside Parliament

Thousands Of People Protest Against Brexit Outside Parliament

The Debrief: But there are still more questions than answers about Britain leaving the EU

Last night thousands of people gathered outside the Houses of Parliament to protest against the result of last Thursday’s EU referendum. There were rumours that the event had actually been cancelled because of the sheer number of people who had clicked attending on Facebook. However, people turned out anyway.

Despite the victory for Vote Leave with 51.9% to 48% of votes last week momentum is gathering behind those who do not want Brexit to happen. A petition, calling for a second referendum is now has over 4 million signatures and further protests are planned over the weekend ahead.

At last night’s rally banners displayed slogans such as ‘no more hate’, ‘down with Boris’, ‘leaders not liars’ and ‘we are European’. The crowd also sang ‘Hey Eu’ to the tune of The Beatles’ Hey Jude.

The Lib Dems leader, Tim Farron, addressed the crowd and said that the decision to leave the EU is ‘reversible’. Whether it is or not remains to be seen, the Prime Minister addrsssed Parliament yesterday and said that we must ‘accept the result’, he has also ruled out a second referendum.

The Conservative minister, Anna Sourby, was also present. She addressed the crowd and explained that her mother and children had all cried as a result of the referendum result.

‘People are angry, not just the young. People of all ages across the country are angry. And I am so sorry because I don’t know what the solution is to it’, she said.

 There are still more questions than answers when it comes to Brexit at the moment. The number of people signing the petition for a second referendum continues to rise and another march, scheduled to take place this Saturday, currently has 32,000 people interested in it on Facebook.

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