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This New Dating Site Promising Americans A Trump-Free Life In Canada

This New Dating Site Promising Americans A Trump-Free Life In Canada

The Debrief: Single, American and looking to leave the US if Trump is elected? This website is for you

Ah Donald, you’ve done it. Thousands of Americans download new dating app, in the hopes of fleeing the US, and emigrating to Canada.

A large number of Americans have complained incessantly at the prospect of Trump in power. Here’s where Maple Match comes in, developers of the dating site aim to help those in dire need of escape from America. Essentially, the site pairs weary Americans with their Canadian better halves, for the love obvz. The main aim of the site though of course is not to date, but to get the hell out of the US! Since its launch, the website is said to have received great traffic and an abundance of sign ups, from Americans in search of their ideal Canadian partner.

Many individuals have stated that moving out of the US would be their best option and have classed Trumps rise into power as an ‘unfathomable horror’. In a blind panic, a large number of people turned to drastic measures following recent poll numbers and Google searches for ‘move to Canada’ sky rocketed – is there a link, I believe so. Hilariously, the Maple Match’ tagline reads ‘Make dating great again’, which is an obvious paraphrase on the unpopular Trump phrase ‘Make America great again’. 

If you are into it, submission is fairly easy, you simply sign up, get placed on the waiting list and wait for your Canadian hunk or babe to whisk you away to a plain sailing life in…. Canada. But be forewarned, there is a long wait.

Unbeknownst to us whether the wesbite is serious or not, it has people in a frenzy and of course is wildly entertaining for us. Here’s a little look at the US reactions to Maple Match:

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