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These Donald Drumpf Memes Are Your Way To Fight Back As A Non-American

These Donald Drumpf Memes Are Your Way To Fight Back As A Non-American

The Debrief: With the presidential candidate nearing ever closer to (somehow) being elected as the Republican Candidate, here's a few pics of him looking stupid to make everything better.

So, last night Donald Trump got one step closer to becoming the Republican candidate in the running for president. 

See, Donald Trump, him of the downright racist hate speech and terrible business decisions, pretty much nailed Super Tuesday and won seven of the eleven states on offer; Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas and Vermont. While this doesn't mean he's a shoe-in for sure, it's a pretty clear indication that (omg) he's going to be running for president of the United States of America this November.

As Britons there's not much we can do in terms of putting an end to this seeing as we don't have the power to vote and whatnot but, what we can do is join John Oliver's campaign to 'Make Donald Drumpf Again'. If you didn't watch John's excellent roasting of the eccentric billionaire on Sunday, it turns out that Donald Trump's family, a few generations back, maybe changed the family name to Trump. From 'Drumpf'. We should point out here that the evidence for this is sketchy, very sketchy, but nevertheless it is very funny.

Anti-Trump supporters have taken the Drumpf campaign and run with it; check out this guy who has made a Chrome extension to change ever mention of 'Trump' on the internet to 'Drumpf'. That's some quick work right there. And, as of today, the searches for 'Donald Drumpf' outrank those for 'Ted Cruz' and 'Marco Rubio'. So there's that. 

Here's a few other excellent Drumpf memes* to make your stance known.

*FYI the short fingers thing is basically explained in the John Oliver video ( which you need to watch) but it's about a time back in 1988 when a magazine called Donald Trump a 'short fingered vulgarian'. The editor of the magazine says that to this day, he still recieves envelopes from Trump with pictures where you can see his hands, that Donald Trump has CIRCLED to highlight the length of his fingers - ususally with a note reading 'see not so short'.  


#donalddrumpf #hungergames

A photo posted by Tara Cook (@thetaradactyl) on Mar 1, 2016 at 11:17pm PST




I can't even. □□□ #makedonalddrumpfagain #lastweektonight #johnoliver #donalddrumpf #lol #regram #bestoftheday

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Why is this so accurate □ @masipopal

A photo posted by Introvert (@thefunnyintrovert) on Mar 1, 2016 at 10:27am PST


HIGH ENERGY! The Best. People are saying this is the most fantastic thing ever made. First of all, its self funded, so its honest. Its a great thing, its made from great things, with a seriously terrific thing on it. Its the best thing on the internet. D R U M P F
His fingers are really, really short.
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