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Teenager Called ‘Deez Nuts’ Runs For US Presidency

Teenager Called ‘Deez Nuts’ Runs For US Presidency

The Debrief: There’s only one big problem…

It’s always fun to see youth in revolt, kicking back against what they’re told to do, and in this case it’s a teenager called Deez Nuts. Well, at least that’s the pseudonym for 15-year-old Iowan, Brady Olson, who’s tricked a whole bunch of voters into believing that he’s running for president.

He’d emailed a public polling company explaining: ‘I’m Deez Nuts. I’m running. Here’s my filing statement. Would you poll me?’

So they put him in an opinion poll alongside likely winners of each candidacy race, the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton and the Republicans’ Donald Trump.

OK, OK, so the pollsters were in on it, with Jim Williams, an issue polling specialist at Public Policy Polling telling The Daily Beast: ‘I thought, “Let’s put this out. This’ll be funny.”’

The result? 8% of Iowans polled would vote for Deez – who’s an independent politician – and 9% in North Carolina. It’s a bit like when Jimmy Kimmel sends interviewers to blurt random names at Coachella revellers in a bid to get them to say, ‘Oh yeah, I LOVE that band’. But even geekier, because Brady had to fill out entire forms and everything to even qualify to play this brilliant prank!

Then again, if Donald Trump could actually fill in a form and apply for presidency, it’s hard to tell who the actual joke candidate is…

The only downside for Brady? He’s 20 years too young to actually run for the presidency!

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