Rohna McDade | Contributing Writer | Friday, 11 August 2017

What To Do In The Event Of A Nuclear Attack...

American Government Explains How To Wash Your Hair Just After A Nuclear Attack

The Debrief: Because there's a right way and a wrong way apparently...

Tensions between North Korea and the US are creating mounting fears of nuclear war so when sh*t hits the fan (i.e. being engulfed by a nuclear bomb), you need a plan of action. Thoughtfully, the American Department of Homeland Security has published a set of guidelines to follow on how to react in a nuclear strike. Here are a few things to do and not do when faced with an imminent (but thankfully unlikely) nuclear attack…

1.Do not look directly at the flash or the fireball – it can blind you.

2.Take cover behind something that will protect you.

3.Lay flat on the ground and cover your head.

4.Following the blast, take off your outer clothing and seal in a plastic bag away 

5.When possible shower with lots of soap and water. Do no scratch or scrub your skin.

And then there's number six, how to wash your hair...

6.Shampoo but DO NOT use conditioner as it will bind radioactive material to your hair.

Who knew there's a wrong way and a right way? I imagine we'll all have better things to think about in a post-apocalyptic nuclear nightmare that our knotty AF hair, but still...

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