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Meet The MP Who Thinks \\\\\\\'Militant Feminists\\\\\\\' Invented Gender Inequality

Meet The MP Who Thinks 'Militant Feminists' Invented Gender Inequality

The Debrief: Philip Davies hasn’t got the…friendliest governmental record…

After his efforts to have an International Men’s Day Debate in the House of Commons, Philip Davies’s wish came true. The Conservative minister for Shipley, West Yorkshire, got to speak about issues disproportionately affecting more men than women, such as homelessness and high suicide rates.

But instead of talking about the positive steps needed to lift men out of the problems they face, he used this opportunity to take a pop at… women!

He explained, reports the BBC: ‘I do not believe there is actually an issue between men and women

‘I think often the problems are stirred up by those who might be described as militant feminists and the politically correct males who sometimes pander to it.’

Yep, he said that.

Here’s a little list of some of the other things Philip has been known for...

1. Speaking for 90 minutes so MPs couldn’t vote on a motion to make it possible for carers to park in hospital car parks for free while visiting unwell relatives.

2. Wanting to remove the minimum wage.

3. Voting against same-sex marriage, saying it ‘discriminated’ against straight couples.

4. Saying disabled people are ‘by definition’ less productive than their able-bodied peers.

5. Sending Trevor Philips, a black minister at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, several emails asking things like ‘Why is it so offensive to black up your face?’ and asked whether the Metropolitan Black Police Association breached discrimination law for only allowing black members in.

6. Voting against the Equality Act (sexual orientation), which makes it illegal for people to be discriminated against on the basis of their sexuality.

7. Saying schools shouldn’t provide sex education and that it is ‘tyranny’.

8. Saying that the Youth Parliament shouldn’t meet in the House of Commons as this would set a precedent for Muslim groups to meet in the Commons.

9. Being so favourable to UKIP that they didn’t run anyone against him in the 2010 election.

10. Didn’t want books to be sent to prisoners.

11. Voted against the smoking ban AND the ban on smoking in cars with children.

12. Spoke for so long at a vote on whether to give children first aid training that the motion couldn’t be voted on.

Nice guy, eh?

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