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London\\\\\\\'s Got The Most Expensive Public Transport In The World

London's Got The Most Expensive Public Transport In The World

The Debrief: Hold onto your Oyster cards, shit's about to get real

We need the tube. We love the tube. London wouldn’t be able to function without the tube, but it’s really bloody expensive. 

According to research carried out by Labour Mayor candidate Dame Tessa Jowell, London has the most expensive public transport fares in the world. Whilst we're not surprised we're up there with the most expensive, we didn't expect it to be this bad. 

Londoners are paying more than double the fares of any other city in the world, apart from Washington DC, but even then tube fares are still a lot more expensive than DC's highest fares of £3.79 and a daily ticket which costs £9.32.

Here’s how your Zone 1-6 single fare (costing £5.10 at peak hours) in London compares to other cities around the world:

London’s fare is three times more than the comparable fare in New York, which is $2.75 or £1.76. 

It’s also four times the equivalent fare in Paris, at €1.80 or £1.28, and ten times more expensive than in Moscow. 

London’s daily cap is more than double the Paris equivalent (which is €7, £4.96). It’s five times more than the Hong Kong daily cap ($26, £2.17) and 6 times more than the folks in Shanghai pay. 

We think our Oyster cards needs a lie down. 

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