Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Kenyan Women Name Their Babies Air Force One In Honour Of Obama

Kenyan Women Name Their Babies Air Force One In Honour Of Obama

The Debrief: There's no way anyone's messing with these kids in the playground

Ever wish your parents had given you a more culturally relevent name? For babies born in Kenya, the recent President Obama state visit has given their parents a lot of material to work.

See, not only have the names ‘Malia’, ‘Michelle’ and ‘Sasha’ been recorded as new baby names in the last week, but two lucky babies are now the proud owners of the most excellent name – ‘Air Force One’.

Obviously Air Force One is the plane Harrison Ford saved from hijacker Gary Oldman which carries the president around the world on said state visists and, according to one mum Lucy Akinyi Okoth, it’s an honour to name her child after it.

‘I have decided to call my baby AirForceOne Barack Obama so that we can remember Obama’s visit to Kenya becuase it is a huge blessing.’

The other woman, named Lucy Atieno added: ‘I have been told that it is the best airplane because it carries a very powerful leader of America who is also a Kenyan.’

As names go AirForceOne is pretty damn cool. If my parents had named me after the world events that were happening on the day I was born, I would now be ‘Queen Elizabeth Becomes First UK Royal Ever Visit To China’ Commons. Which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

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