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It\\\'s 2015 And Here\\\'s How MPs Are Debating Going To War In Syria

It's 2015 And Here's How MPs Are Debating Going To War In Syria

The Debrief: Steve McCabe, MP, appeared to be giving Margaret Beckett a few lewd gestures as the former foreign secretary explained how airstrikes in Syria could help save those at risk of attack by Daesh...

Today, MPs are trying to sensibly debate the prospect of taking airstrikes to Syria. Following the Paris attacks, Isis - or Daesh, as they're now being called in Parliament (it upsets these fighters who don't seem to bat an eyelid at a rape or a beheading) - pose an immediate threat and therefore this must be discussed. On the one hand, the Government must do something to stop Daesh from hurting more people, on the other hand, if we send bombs over to Syria, we could end up hurting civilians and upsetting enough of them to prompt them to join the likes of Daesh. And then there are some people who would bomb Deash if we could also send foot soldiers in. And some others who are just mightily confused.

While the Tory bench have been jeering and shouting during the debate in the House of Commons, this has come from the Labour bench, an MP seeming to swear at his colleague.

Dame Margaret Beckett, MP for Derby South, who is ex-Foreign Secretary and once went up against Tony Blair for the leadership of the Labour party, was saying how she thinks we should intervene in Syria, if only because it would save the Kurds and the Yazidi people - as well as the Syrians - being terrorised in their homes by the likes of Daesh. Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, is still to decide whether he'll vote for or against bombing Daesh, but also said of this moment: 'There was me thinking I was multi tasking'. He also previously said this:

So maybe he does like her? Or maybe for a Labour MP to compare his colleague to the Prime Minister isn't exactly a compliment.

Meanwhile, over in Stella Creasy MP's constituency of Walthamstow, new Labour members are trying to have her step down from her post because she might not vote against airstrikes and is speaking to all of her constituents before casting her vote. Part of their tactics include posting photos of dead children on her Facebook page, and exclaiming they're free to protest directly outside her house because she has no children to upset...

The result of the vote on airstrikes in Syria will be announced later today.

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