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Here\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Why Politics Is About To Get A Lot More Woman-Friendly

Here's Why Politics Is About To Get A Lot More Woman-Friendly

The Debrief: Sandi Toksvig's Women's Equality Party is here and this is how you can get involved...

Do you feel under-represented by a government that’s only 30% women? Did you notice how the Green Party’s very existence has propelled mainstream politicians into becoming a little bit more green with a little g? You might then see the value of the Women’s Equality Party.

Set up by broadcaster Sandi Toksvig – who’s left showbusiness to work full time on it – along with author and journalist Catherine Mayer, it’s here to make life better for women.

Sandi says we need ‘radical ways of thinking’ and ‘new ways of problem solving’ because the way things are – women still not being paid as much as men, women aren’t given as much power as men, catcalling just being this thing that women should put up with, rape reports not being taken seriously by police, domestic abuse killing two women per week, and all the other crap that means women aren’t given the same status or opportunities as men – isn’t right.

‘We can’t do more of the same,’ she told The Telegraph at a recent fundraiser, continuing: ‘Women have waited too long to sit on our boards, play a part in our politics and stride down our streets.’

Oh, and according to logic, and the WEP website, women’s equality means a better world for all. If we had a lot less bullshit to deal with, we could be so much more productive: ‘Unleashing women’s full potential could add 10 per cent, or over £150 billion, to our GDP by 2030 if all the women that wanted to work did so.

Maybe you think the WEP will never gain power, but as the success of UKIP sadly showed, small, fringe parties can actually inform the policies of the main parties and it’s about time the fringe parties were a lot less nonsensical than UKIP.

If you like the sound of the Women’s Equality Party, you can become a founding member right now on their newly-launched website, right here, for just £2 a month if you’re a student or out of work, or £4 per month if you’re in work.

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