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Here\'s What Your Payslip Looks Like If You\'re In ISIS

Here's What Your Payslip Looks Like If You're In ISIS

The Debrief: Includes bonuses for 'wives', bonuses for kids. But not all that much money.

In case you were under the impression that every member of ISIS is sitting pretty on a big pile of cash, think again.

Last week, the Combatting Terrorism Center released a report that detailed how much people in ISIS can hope to make. And it wasn't much to write home about.

Written by British scholar Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamini, the report details how the organisation is struggling with cash flow. Previous estimates for an ISIS fighter's wage was thought to be $400 a month, or $800 for foreigners. However, as Al-Tamini says, the only reliable evidence obtained regarding salary is a series of documents including a payslip that suggests the basic wage is more like $50 a month.

CTC Sentinel
CTC Sentinel

There is the opportunity to make more though - if an ISIS fighter gets himself a 'wife' (as we all know this may very well not be 'wife' in the consensual sense) they get a bonus of $50 depending on how many they have. Ditto if they have a sex slave. If they have children, they get $35 per child.

They can also earn bonus food allowances and heating costs if they perform certain duties. In Raqqa, wages were cut by 50% sometime between November and December last year.

In 2009, Syria ranked 64th in the world in terms of salary; the average take home being $364 per month.

Turns out it doesn't pay to be a douchebag after all.

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