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Going topless in Magaluf could cost you €500 under new laws to tame party resort

Going topless in Magaluf could cost you €500 under new laws to tame party resort

The Debrief: Authorities want to clean up the town's reputation after THAT video from last summer.

Officials in the Spanish seaside resort of Magaluf are introducing a string of new laws this week in an attempt to reform its image as a hedonistic party town.

Visitors now risk legal repercussions for the following activities:

  • Going topless anywhere other than by the pool, on the beach or on roads running along the coast could get you fined €500.
  • Getting fully naked anywhere in public carries a fine of €750.
  • ‘Balconing’ (jumping from a balcony into a pool) is punishable by a fine of up to €1500.
  • Urinating in the street will be considered a serious offence and could end up costing €1500.

Drinking in the street has been banned between the hours of 10pm and 8am. Sex games and public sex are now totally banned. Bar crawls are still allowed but groups are limited to a maximum of 20 people and tour operators aren’t allowed to advertise them in publicity material.

Magaluf has long-been a popular destination for young Brits looking to let their hair down and get a little wild for a week or two of fun in the sun. However, last summer the Spanish seaside resort was rocked by controversy after a video emerged of an extremely drunk 18-year-old girl performing oral sex on 24 different men - as part of a 'game' organised by bar crawl operators Carnage Magaluf. The most shocking thing about the video was that the girl’s state of inebriation called her ability to give consent into doubt. Other videos subsequently came to light, showing DJs and tour operators pressuring drunk young women to strip off and perform sex acts in front of an audience.

It’s not yet clear whether the new regulations will help to protect young female tourists from such predatory behaviour and certainly, the activities shown in the videos described above would result in a hefty fine for all concerned now. But it does rather beg the question whether women may still be vulnerable to similar sorts of exploitation just in less public places?

Commenting on a message board for seasonal workers, one user described the laws as an ‘overkill’. Others discussed finding work in other ‘party resorts’ without such strict legislation.

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