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Girls Are Live-Tweeting Their Periods To Donald Trump

Girls Are Live-Tweeting Their Periods To Donald Trump

The Debrief: #periodsarenotaninsult is there to say that using a period to insult someone is backward and basic…

Donald Trump proved, once again, just how foul he is to women by suggesting that a female Fox News presenter who pressed him on some questions (specifically, why is he so mean to women?) had ‘blood coming out of her wherever’.

He’s denied that the comment was about her period, saying only a ‘deviant’ mind would make that connection, and that he was actually referencing that time-honoured phrase: ‘blood pouring out of their eyes’. You know, the one you hear all the time…

Megyn’s responded, though, avoiding the period issue but saying that no way will she apologise to Trump for the questions she asked him. ‘Apparently Mr Trump thought the question was unfair and I was attacking him,’ she said.

‘I felt he was asked a tough but fair question. We agree to disagree. I certainly will not apologise for doing good journalism.’

Meanwhile, plenty of other women are pointing out that telling someone they must be on their period is not an insult. Like, telling someone they’re being crap at their job or less able to make decisions because of their period is so ridiculous, because, you know what? When a woman has her period her female-specific hormones, eg progesterone and oestrogen, are actually at their lowest. So, logically, a woman on her period is more similar to a man, hormonally speaking, than at any other point in her cycle!

If you’re going to say, then, that women on their periods are less likely to make good calls at work, or are more likely to be angry, then have a word with men, too!

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