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Trump\\\'s Comments To Brigitte Macron Remind Us That He Is, First And Foremost, A Misogynist

Trump's Comments To Brigitte Macron Remind Us That He Is, First And Foremost, A Misogynist

The Debrief: Donald Trump is being a creep again as he told the French First Lady 'you're in such good shape'

We are all getting (alarmingly) used to Donald Trump being a massive creep and making misogynistic comments about women. He fat shamed a pregnant Kim K, called a breast feeding woman disgusting - the list is endless...If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a refresher of all the times Trump made sexist/demeaning comments about women which really aren’t ok.

President Trump is in Paris this week after being invited by Mr Macron to celebrate Bastille Day. Mr Trump and Mr Macron already have a slightly rocky relationship, as the French President has publically criticised Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris climate change accord. Yesterday, Trump showed his misogynistic colours again when he creepily complimented the body of the French First Lady, Brigitte Macron. Trump ogled the First Lady and said: 'You know, you’re in such good shape…beautiful.' Gross.

Trump’s appraisal of the French president’s wife’s physique was caught on a live stream of the tour provided by the French government. You can see the clip for yourself here, but be warned it will probably make you shudder a bit.

A misogynistic register seems to be the only mode Trump can manage when discussing or interacting with women. Lest-we-forget he once bragged about using his fame to get women and “grab em by the pussy”. The commodifying way he talks about his own daughters, Ivanka in particular, is the benchmark of his attitude towards women. He frequently brags that if it wasn’t incest, 'perhaps he'd be dating her,' has said it's fine to refer to her as 'a piece of ass,' that 'she's got the best body,' and is hot. He prioritises these aesthetic qualities over the fact that she is a business woman and senior executive in his business empire. His objectifying comments about his own daughter and the French First Lady demonstrate that for Trump, a woman's role is to look beautiful and be looked at, not to have a brain. 

I’ll leave you with this classic quote from the President of the USA: 'You know, it really doesn’t matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass. But she’s got to be young and beautiful.'

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