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Don\\\\\\\'t Worry Dave, We\\\\\\\'ve All Fallen Prey To A Sweaty Upper Lip

Don't Worry Dave, We've All Fallen Prey To A Sweaty Upper Lip

The Debrief: He's just like the rest of us. Sort of.

You might think that people tuning in to last night's BBC Question Time were wanting to hearing about all the important stuff like the future of the NHS and Trident. But it turns out that people weren't that focused on these national-impacting policies. Nope. The nation cared more about how David Cameron was sporting a strong case of SULA (that's 'Sweaty Upper Lip Alert', FYI).

david cameron sweaty lip

This is something we can all sympathise with. Who hasn't walked out of a tube station with a SULA after dealing with temperatures hotter than the sun? And what about when you're dancing so hard to Bey that all the energy has to be released somewhere, and that somewhere is usually your top lip. Or when your whole body is freezing but your upper lip is still all like, Nah I'm BOILING mate, I'm sweating to prove it. See? What the actual fuck. So if this is some kind of Tory campaign strategy then he has absolutely nailed it, because there's pretty much nothing more relatable than a SULA and if this doesn't get him more votes then I don't know what will. 

So if, like Dave and most of the general population, you've been known to suffer from a SULA then here's some things you can do...

Get yourself a compact

Small, easy to carry, there's not really an excuse to not carry one of these around. The SEVENTEEN Miracle Matte Pressed Powder, £3.99, one is perfect and it's got a mirror so you actually check if you've got a SULA going on. 

Or maybe some blotting papers

If you're not into the idea of powder, grab yourself some blotting paper like the Paul & Joe Blotting Paper, £4, which are really handy and have super cute packaging. 

Or you could just embrace it

Seriously guys, if you're not rocking a SULA 40% of the time then you're in the minority, so embrace it knowing that you're not alone. The dewy/moist look is totally in as well, so you're bang on trend.

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